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RTR-576-H - Tech Instrumentation


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576-H: High Precision For CO2 Concentration, Temperature and Humidity Measurement
The RTR-576 includes an internal CO2 sensor and an external temperature/humidity sensor. The RTR-576-H has the same CO2 sensor, but comes with a high precision temperature/humidity sensor for a wider measurement range: -30 to 80¡C and 0 to 99%RH.
The rated accuracy for CO2 measurements is up to 5,000 ppm and the display range is up to 9,999 ppm.
* The Data Loggers in our RTR-500 Series only function as Remote Units. Base Units are required to carry out wireless communication.
* RTR-500 Series Loggers cannot be used with RTR-57U, RTR-50 or RTR-5W.
* The sensor included with RTR-503/507 is not water resistant.
* The sensor connector of the Input Module that is included with RTR-505 is not water resistant.
* Neither the RTR-574/576 Unit nor the included sensor are water resistant.